The White Back Project

The White Back Project by Fastmouse Graphics is a neat cg vid with masses of 3d kalidescopic wierdness AND it features part of a new Dawn of Reality tune called “the timeless infinite”


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Diminished – Dawn of Reality

My first moving picture video for my own music!

Video ( shamelessly borrowed from the internet archive 35mm Stock Footage library under creative commons license.

The tune is a few years old now and was created in Cakewalk Sonar. Its track 3 of the “In the Cloud” Album, now available on Google Play here

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In the Cloud – Dawn of Reality in the mix

A few changes around here, I’ve been reorganising the Dawn of Reality web presence and have a few things to report. So “In the cloud” is no longer available on Soundcloud ( The video mix is still up on youtube ( and Now (as you can see ) its available on vimeo too. The “In the Cloud” audio is now available mainly on Google play (, but I’m also trying it out on Reverbnation (

Lots of links there for you to devour. Also got a few tunes in the making AND creating some individual videos for the in the cloud tracks… Stick around, interesting stuff is happening!

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Dawn of Reality on Google Play!

Yesterday my album “In the cloud” got accepted into the Google Music Play store. For the first time, you can actually support Dawn of Reality by buying my music!!! Go there now for free listens.
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In the Cloud By Dawn of Reality

A mixed youtube album of original tunes by Dawn of Reality aka Andrew Gowland.

Most of the tunes are available on soundcloud here

Track listing as follows

  1. Septenary
  2. Tiny Mode
  3. Diminished
  4. Drained
  5. Gloop
  6. Aspire
  7. Grid
  8. Realise

All tracks are written, played, composed, sung, produced by Andrew Gowland (me) and these and many other tunes, some of which are free, can be found at soundcloud

The youtube mix was put together using the very cool pacemaker mix editor. I make no guarantee for the quality of the mix. The playlist represents the entire range of music I like to produce and I welcome any constructive criticism… enjoy!

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