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I have struggled to come up with a label that accurately describes what I do creatively. Some days I’m a musician, some days an artist. I like to play guitars and synthesisers. I like taking photos, but generally use only my mobile phone to do so. I can spend hours, days and months modelling and rendering a 3d scene or I can create some cool digital manipulation in a matter on minutes. I am equally comfortable building websites and houses. What am I? I think ‘digital artisan’ sums it up quite nicely… well, it will do! I am always happy to receive constructive criticism, to discuss my work and to pass on the benefit of my experience (however limited).

A Good Review!!

I got a great review on Google Play  I’m a big fan of this nicely understated, but very very well put together sound. Thank you Robin Thomson for the 4 stars Advertisements

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In the cloud on Mixcloud!

Finally managed to upload the mix to Mixcloud about 2 years later!

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Lamb Remix Competition

Stripped away as much as I dared and added in new instruments here and there. Even played a little guitar! Please let me know what you think and leave a comment. Enjoy!

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441 – Dawn of Reality

An old track written in a mod of rebirth, ported into Sonar for some additions, eq’ing and the like

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Protest Banned in the UK

Originally posted on BlackAndRedFlag:
So do you remember the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing bill. They wanted to make being a nuisance Illegal…. WELL THEY HAVE ! See here:- The bill was given royal Assent last week and now…

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I have come to the conclusion that Septenary, one of my best tunes, was in desperate need of remastering. So, with my nearfields instorage I resorted to my trusty sennheissers. So your opinions please people… which is best? By the … Continue reading

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