In the Cloud By Dawn of Reality

A mixed youtube album of original tunes by Dawn of Reality aka Andrew Gowland.

Most of the tunes are available on soundcloud here

Track listing as follows

  1. Septenary
  2. Tiny Mode
  3. Diminished
  4. Drained
  5. Gloop
  6. Aspire
  7. Grid
  8. Realise

All tracks are written, played, composed, sung, produced by Andrew Gowland (me) and these and many other tunes, some of which are free, can be found at soundcloud

The youtube mix was put together using the very cool pacemaker mix editor. I make no guarantee for the quality of the mix. The playlist represents the entire range of music I like to produce and I welcome any constructive criticism… enjoy!


About dawnofreality

I have struggled to come up with a label that accurately describes what I do creatively. Some days I’m a musician, some days an artist. I like to play guitars and synthesisers. I like taking photos, but generally use only my mobile phone to do so. I can spend hours, days and months modelling and rendering a 3d scene or I can create some cool digital manipulation in a matter on minutes. I am equally comfortable building websites and houses. What am I? I think ‘digital artisan’ sums it up quite nicely… well, it will do! I am always happy to receive constructive criticism, to discuss my work and to pass on the benefit of my experience (however limited).
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